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High School Friends

 Local Schools & Campuses

Developing educational programs, and resources to empower our young kids and their communities to develop empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility towards others. Our school outreach programs are deeply rooted in promoting these values and behaviors in schools so that we can create a more compassionate, understanding, and resilient future generation.

  • Volunteer for Mental and Emotional Fitness Programs: Sign up to volunteer with local schools and support mental health and well-being initiatives. Your time and expertise can make a significant impact on students' lives.

  • Advocate for Mental Fitness Education: Reach out to school administrators and policymakers to advocate for the inclusion of comprehensive mental health education in the curriculum, reducing stigma, and promoting social consciousness.

  • Peer Support Programs: Establish peer support programs where trained student mentors or peer supporters provide support and guidance to their fellow students. These programs can offer a safe and confidential space for students to share their concerns, seek advice, and receive empathetic support from their peers who have been trained in active listening and basic counseling skills.

  • Youth Mental Health Awareness Campaigns: Launch school-wide mental health awareness campaigns that involve students, teachers, and staff. These campaigns can include activities like poster competitions, awareness walks, or creative projects that promote messages of compassion, resilience, and support for mental health.

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